Custom Credit Cards

Custom credit cards are an interesting and increasingly popular option that some credit card companies are now offering their customers. This is essentially the ability for consumers to personalize their credit cards with personal images. This is a service that some credit card companies are experimenting with in an attempt to encourage consumers to select their credit card services over other companies.

This seems to be a popular feature among credit card consumers and represents an emerging trend among credit card companies to provide their customers with more choice and control in their credit card selection. Enabling customers to create their physical cards and even have input in their credit terms and conditions is a popular promotional offer that is appealing to credit card customers. Time will tell whether these incentives will increase business for credit card companies over the long term.

What follows is a brief outline of several different custom credit card services.

1. Bank of America has a feature called Photo Expressions that will enable the consumer to place their personal images onto the credit card. A 2x2 image can be uploaded and placed on the credit card. The initial selection process is free of charge. If later it is decided that a different image is preferred there is a nominal fee charged. Bank of America credit card customers can add this feature to their current account via the online services. The process is streamlined and easy to complete in a short time. If necessary, mailing the picture to Bank of America is an option as well.

2. Capital One also has a program that features custom credit cards for their customers. It is called Capital One Card Lab. This feature enables the customer to create their own custom credit card using an online service. The customer is given the ability to choose their rates, their features and rewards, their card image, and even apply and be reviewed online. The process is very straightforward and simple to navigate through online.

3. Another company that is featuring custom banking products is called Springwise. Not only is Springwise giving their customers the ability to create their own personalized credit card with personal photos, but additionally, they also have an option that allows the customer to make several important decisions regarding their reward rates and types (cash or points), their interest rates, and their card fees.

Interest rates, bonus rates, and card fees can be chosen using a sliding bar that will give various combinations of these rates and fees. If a customer desires to slide back the fee to zero, they then can compensate for this by agreeing to a minimum monthly spending limit. If the customer wishes to have a lower interest rate they would then have a lower bonus rate. After these account options are finished, the customer then designs their own original card by either selecting a photo from the gallery of images available or uploading their own image. Another option is to choose a "vertical card" which is relatively unusual.