4 Ways to Get More From Your Travel Rewards Credit Cards

If you're like most people you like to get away from time to time. If vacations aren't usually in your budget you may have been smart and applied for a travel rewards credit card that will help you save up for airfare, hotels and the other necessities while on vacation.

While you may know the great travel items you can get from your travel rewards credit cards, what do you know about the little extras they offer? There are 4 great extras that many travel rewards credit cards offer, which many customers don't realize.

Lost or Stolen Baggage

Unfortunately your luggage may not always stay with you on a trip. Airports lose thousands and thousands of bags a week. Many of those are found, sometimes days later. Others seem to disappear forever. What if it's your bag that has gone missing? What would you do if you had just arrived at your travel destination? While for many people the anger and stress that goes with this situation may mark the end of their enjoyment of the trip, if you have the right travel rewards credit card, you may have a friend on your side. Many cards offer replacement value for lost bags as well as a voucher to help you get the essentials you need to continue your trip.

Trip Cancellation or Interruption

Life isn't perfect. Often it's not even close. In this respect it means something may come up at the last minute to make you have to cancel your trip. Most travel comes with strict cancellation policies that will cause you to lose a portion if not all of your money if you have to cancel. But, many travel rewards credit cards will come to your aid in this case offering travel cancellation and interruption insurance that will help you recoup the money you have paid in for the trip.

Medical Expense & Transportation Coverage

If you are the adventuring type, something could go wrong on your trip. If you were to get hurt in a foreign country the cost to care for you and move you to a hospital that can handle your injuries can be steep. This is a cost you usually have to pay, as your health insurance may not choose to cover certain activities or travel locations. Many travel rewards credit cards step in here offering medical expense and transportation coverage options to take care of these costs.

24/7 Travel Assistance Services

After you arrive at your destination you may be in unfamiliar territory. While a map and a little patience is usually enough to handle it, what if something goes wrong or the car breaks down? Many travel rewards credit cards offer 24/7 travel assistance services that will come to your aid.