Prepaid Credit Cards For Teenagers - A Good Thing?

Credit cards for teenagers...hmmmm. That sounds dangerous. Adults get in trouble with debt due to credit cards. Now you want me to give one to my teenagers? Let's think about that for a minute. At first glance, this does sound like a dangerous proposition but how one that the parent has complete control over? A card that the parent can check at any time to see what money was spent, where, and when? Sound a little better? Visa PAYjr may be just what you're looking for.

You have two choices - PAYjr Chore and Allowance card for 12 year olds and under or the Visa Buxx card for 13 years old and up. The PAYjr Chore & Allowance System (the card for 12 and under) is an online chore and allowance system. The parent goes online, checks off the chores that have to be completed by the child. The child also goes online and gets their chore list. As they complete their chores, they check them off online. The parent can check at any time to see which chores have been completed and which ones have not. When the chores are done, the parent loads the child's PAYjr Chore and Allowance card and the child can use it just like a credit card - at the movies, at stores, fast food restaurants etc.

This is the fast, convenient, and easy way to manage chores. You don't have to sit down and decide what chores need to be done. Just review the online list, choose the ones you want done and print it off. There are online calendars that help you keep track. An ongoing "Balance Owed" is tracked by the PAYjr system and you can have the system email you and the child when a chore needs to be completed (so you don't have to nag) and when you need to load their allowance onto the card (so they don't nag you). Either way - very convenient!

The #1 teenage prepaid credit card is PAYjr Visa Buxx and is the only card that your teenager can design themselves which, of course, makes it really cool. Your teenager can use a picture they took themselves or get a picture that they like online, upload it to the PAYjr site and get back the card they designed themselves. This card is a reloadable prepaid card designed just for teens. It gives teens flexibility and spending independence while also providing parents with a peace of mind, complete parental supervision and the convenience of paying allowances electronically.

Just as debit cards has revolutionized our checking accounts with convenience that we didn't get with writing checks, this will revolutionize teenage spending. No longer do you have to hand out cash and worry about your child losing or not knowing exactly where they spent it, with a prepaid teenage credit card like Visa PAYjr, you have total control, don't have to worry about them losing cash, and you know exactly how they spent it.


Don't Wait - Dump Your Credit Card Machine Now

Retailers, restaurants and nightclub owners unload your credit card machines and watch your profits soar!

In Canada cash has recently been replaced as the favorite form of retail payment. Studies predict that soon the United States will follow this trend and their customers will be using DEBIT/ATM cards more than any other form of retail payment.

With the coming credit crunch, the credit card companies are lowering the credit limits of their card holders. Many customers will be changing their retail purchasing habits from credit cards to debit/ATM cards that look identical. There are currently 300,000.000 debit cardholders in the US and for 80,000,000 these cards are the only cards have. An additional 160,000,000 new debit cards are expected to be issue each year.

Many retailers fail to take into account that when they process debit/ATM cards with their credit card machines, they are charged not only their regulars charges but an extra flat fee, fifty cents or more, for processing these virtually risk free cards. On small ticket sales these extra charges can amount to a significantly higher percentage of the profits and on some items even result in losses on some transactions.

To counteract this trend many national chains and thousands of independent operators have been quietly changing over to a new way to process all of their cards. One that not only eliminate charges but actually make money on every transaction. In Canada these new system are becoming the rule rather than the exception for most small ticket retailers.

Cashless ATM systems allow merchants to process these cards at no cost to their business, allowing them to keep prices low. As debit cards become increasingly popular this will represent a competitive advantage over competitors who will give an ever increasing percentage of their profit margins to the credit card companies.

In addition to these substantial savings a cashless ATM's allow the merchant to capture a surcharge or service fee on each transaction. According to a study by AT&T Global the average ATM in the United States show a profit of a little over twenty thousand dollars a year.

There are now several manufacturers producing cashless ATM systems that were designed with the need of the modern retail operation in mind. The capital investment is much smaller than those of the big cash machines and they do not require the added expense of a dedicated phone line.

The currant credit crunch will have long reaching effects on the retail business model and the merchants that find the most cost effective solutions to these new trends will prosper where others fail.


Sparkle This Christmas With Flexible Credit Card Options

DVD's for Dad, modern art for Mum, cashmere cardigans for cousins and great gifts for grandparents; Christmas truly is a time for sharing and indulging your nearest and dearest and you can never start preparing too early.

With so many considerations to take into account, the earlier you start your festive preparations the better. There's no need for Christmas to be stressful and though it is always guaranteed to be a busy and bustling holiday time, a little groundwork beforehand will allow you to get all the important things done, leaving you with more spare time to really enjoy the run-up to Christmas and of course, the event itself.

First of all, why not consider buying your presents throughout the year and avoid a shopping rush the week before the big event. Leaving your shopping to the last minute means not only will you have to battle the busy streets but the best items will be picked over, so your choices won't be as plentiful. Purchasing all your gifts, decorations and food in the run-up to Christmas can put a strain on your finances and spreading the cost makes the whole process much more manageable.

If pounds are scarce then why not consider shopping for presents during retail sale time when there are plenty of bargains to be had. Making your own presents for friends and family is also a viable option which allows you to personalise the gifts you bestow upon others.

If spreading your shopping throughout the year doesn't sound like your cup of tea you could set up a Christmas savings account to which you contribute a specified amount each month. This would at least take the emphasis off your bank account during the month of December.

Another option is to investigate credit card options available to you as this can be an effective way of spreading the cost of Christmas. A bit of investigatory research will stand you in good stead and will ensure you choose the right card for your circumstances. If you want to pay for Christmas using your credit card you might want to opt for a card that offers 0% interest for the first few months, as this would allow you to pay the amount back without accruing any interest on your balance.

Other features to look out for when shopping for credit cards include adding an additional cardholder and then perhaps you can persuade someone else to help you with the holiday arrangements! In addition, for ease of use you may want a card that offers telephone or online banking, and if friends and family live afar perhaps a credit card which you can use abroad would be handy.

With so many options available you are sure to be able to find a card to suit your requirements and once your finances are sorted out, you then you can turn your attention to all things festive.


Credit Card Charges - Watch Out For Hidden Costs!

When people are offered credit cards, they get excited about the offer and either overlook the concealed costs or are unaware of the same. Many Credit Cards are offered with concealed price and charges and many times people are not conscious before they apply. Generally theses costs and amounts go unnoticed by the consumer unless it is very late.Those Credit Card Users who are unaware of any concealed prices, could easily be paying thousands of dollars more than required by the year end and may not even know it. If you are a Reward Credit Card Holder then the rewards could be eaten up by these concealed costs.May be some Credit card holders are conscious of this but there may be many who are blissfully unaware of this.

The foremost factor for concealed charges is the grace period which is the additional time given to you to settle your bill without adding any extra cost. Though initially this extra time may sound great but can easily land you in trouble if you allow it.To avoid falling into the trap of concealed charges you should settle your bill the moment you get it. If you do this, then you need not worry about extra time you get to settle the bill or the interest accumulated on that for late payment of the bill.

The next issue which is mostly ignored by the card holders is the late fee. Late fees are normal with Credit Cards but many a times the latent costs go unnoticed. Many people opt to pay it and finish, without realising that these small amounts can mount up within a short time. It would be prudent to know about the late fees and how rapidly they add up.

The best alternative to avoid any concealed charges is to settle the bill promptly on receipt. It is always wiser to disburse more than minimum as this way you not only settle your bill faster but also avoid paying the accrued interest. It is not advisable to settle the bill late because it can easily mar your credibility. If you are a habitual late settler of bill, the bank or the company may hike up the interest rates.

It is always prudent to settle your credit card bills on time thus avoiding the concealed charges and prices. No credit card company or the bank will reveal the hidden charges unless you inquired with them. To safeguard your interest and the credit card, it is always better that you are cautious of concealed charges and how to avoid them from adversely affecting you,

The choicest pre-paid cards as well as credit cards at


American Express Credit Cards - 21 Points Before Swiping The Card

American Express, popularly known as the AMEX is already an established brand in terms of the credit cards. Third most used credit cards after MasterCard and Visa all across the glob,e the AMEX credit cards indeed have some very exclusive features for their customers. Here is a list of these features in comparison to the MastrerCard and Visa.

1. It is almost a prestige symbol for the user and so even the ones who use MasterCard and Visa want to have an American Express Card for Credit.

2. Basically, both MasterCard and Visa are the modes of payment. They allow several businesses to accept the credit payments with their cards using their systems. Please note that they do not issue the credit cards on their behalf, that is based on their company. Visa & MasterCard just rely on the banks through out the world and issue their credit cards in the name of their company. This way the external agencies, that is, the banks worldwide provide the credit and charge the interest. The user's credit card bills actually go to these banks, and this has nothing to do with Visa & MasterCard.

3. On the contrary, AMEX that is the American Express have an entirely self owned set up & system. They have their own system of payment and hence, they issue the credit cards for their consumers directly. They run the whole show all by themselves, unlike Visa & MasterCard.

4. This way with an AMEX Credit Card you can be sure as to exactly who or which company has issued you the card. There is also a sheer transparency in terms of the payment systems, and everything else that you would like to or need to know.

5. Yet it is undeniable that MasterCard & Visa are the most commonly used credit cards all across the globe, including the third world countries as well. American Express is fast catching up with these numbers and is working great on expanding the networks. The other two are used in over 25 million locations worldwide. AMEX has yet not reached the third world countries.

6. While you must be a clever user with regards to selecting your credit card and the plan you enroll in to, the AMEX Credit Card comes along with several rewards. In case of Visa & MasterCard, you have to make a choice among n number of banks before getting the best suited plan for you.

7. With AMEX, as the choices are less and rather direct the deal is quite simpler. You can just long on to their website. There you shall find all that they offer and hence you can make a choice among the different types of APR that you can pay.

8. Usually people do get a credit card suiting them fine offering low interest and just great spending limit - that is enjoying indeed good credit.

9. The customers in North America & Europe can also enjoy some added advantages with their AMEX Credit Cards.

10. These credit cards are widely accepted widely in Europe as well as North America.

11. The users here can enjoy great features and are available in quite attractive looks.

12. On the list of AMEX you can avail great rates, amazing rewards, & some excellent customer services.

13. With the newly introduced credit card system of the American Express, that is called Blue, the user can avail the following additional features:

a. increased security

b. no annual fee

c. 0% APR in the initial year

14. Next, depending on the credit you use, the users can make use of an extended period of payment that too with just no interest.

15. Once the given time expires, one has to pay low fees; that means it is an apt credit card for one and all looking for that ideal deal.

16. Blue being the latest and the most talked about scheme of AMEX, is soon catching up rapidly to become one of its kind - especially with the varied features that it offers.

17. The best way of getting in touch with the ace services of the American Express, that are simply designed to cater to credit card users of all kinds, just get online.

18. Another effective means of getting through them is meeting your local provider, though online is always the preferred means.

19. Just fill in the application given online, and the ones featuring good credit would surely reap the benefits as they would be approved easily. The credit card reaches your doorstep, before you realize it.

20. Henceforth, enjoy the experience of a lifetime with speed and freedom.

21. To know more about credit cards & pre-paid cards, log on to


The Cost of a Credit Card

As Christmas approaches, stores everywhere are preparing their festive displays and taking on more staff to cope with the anticipated crowds. But one store has gone a step further in their preparations.

Without naming names, one popular UK retailer has produced a credit card they're choosing to call the 'Easy Shop Card'. This is offered to customers who are worried about buying presents for loved ones, or offered as a possible gift idea for someone, similar to a gift voucher. The difference being, of course, that a gift voucher doesn't require you to pay a high amount of interest when you purchase something with it.

The Easy Shop card perhaps carries one of the highest interest rates in the UK. The typical rate offered with the card means that to pay back £100 at £5 per week will effectively cost you £135 - an APR of a staggering 227%. At the moment, the average APR on a credit card is 17.46%, so why is the Easy Shop card charging so much over this?

Because they can. It is increasingly harder to get credit with low interest rates. Lenders are making their application processes much stricter and as a result, people are resorting to getting credit wherever they can. In the run-up to Christmas a card like the Easy Shop, even with it's high APR, will seem like a godsend for those people who either cannot afford to save or who cannot get a conventional credit card or even a loan in order to buy presents.

It might seem like the only option, but taking out a credit card with this amount of APR will only serve to dig you deeper in debt. It's far better to shop around, try to find a credit card with a lower APR; Capital One, who lend to those with a less than perfect credit score, have an average APR of 37%; and make do with that, plus a lower limit, instead.


Credit Card Problems

With credit card rate delinquencies rising there is a good chance that you may come under financial stress over the next few months if you are carrying a lot of consumer debt. With the national joblessness rate continuing to rise (it just hit a 14 month high) there is always a chance you may find yourself out of work. To prepare for that now, make sure you start living beneath your means. Cut back on unnecessary spending so you can pay down any outstanding credit card debt that you have accumulated.

High interest rate cards can be also be very damaging to your credit rating. If you can't make the minimum payment, you run the risk of defaulting on your credit card which could put in you a bad situation. If you can't make credit card payments and your debt is mounting, you may want to consider filing for bankruptcy. Before you make that decision you should seek professional advice.

If you really get in a pinch you should consider finding a credit card with an introductory offer of zero percent interest for 6 months or 1 year so you can transfer high interest rate debt to a card with a better offer. This will buy you time to rein in your spending and possibly find a higher paying job so you start to make progress on your financial situation.

Don't be afraid to use your credit card. It's necessary to use one to establish a solid credit score, you just need to take extra precaution to only buy what you can afford so you don't take on too much debt.


Student Credit Card Visa Application

Are you thinking about getting yourself a student credit card visa application? If so, then the first thing you need to do is scout for the best creditor that offers the lowest interest rate among other companies.

Searching for these companies is now made easy with the help of the internet. Even at the convenience of your own home or office, you can search for various online creditors.

Now, after finding a potential creditor, you must compare them with other companies. Do they offer anything better than the others? are they more credible? What are the reactions of other people towards the company? Does this company suit all of my needs?

After considering all of these, you have probably chosen the best amongst the best creditor for you. The next step to be done is to apply for the credit card of your choice. By filling out their secure online application, you are now way to building your credit history.

If you have applied for a student credit card visa application in a trusted and reputable creditor, you are guaranteed given real good deals. Some showcases 0% interest for up to 12 months, no annual fee, free online account access, low intro variable APR, exclusive savings, no expiration dates, no blackout dates, no seat restrictions, and other real valuable offers.

Just be careful in agreeing to the terms, conditions, as well as to the policy of the creditor. There's no harm in being cautious as this can bring you to a successful credit experience.


Cutting Up Your Last 'Back Up' Credit Card

It took me years to do this. I held on to my last credit card thinking I would need it in an emergency.

But I didn't want it, not really, not deep down inside. I wanted to be free of any future debt as much as is humanly possible.

I would continue to have a credit card, or I should say an atm/debit/check card, with a major credit card logo in the corner, but it would be tied directly to my bank account. I would pay for everything as I went along. No more lagging credit card debt.

But I couldn't do it.

I couldn't snip up that last credit card that would rescue me from my imaginary financial fears.

I wrestled with this issue for years, wanting to be free, but incapable of letting that last safety net go.

So, I called the credit card company and had them reduce my limit. Then a while later I had them reduce it again. Then I asked myself how much debt I would feel comfortable with, and I had it reduced again to that level.

I stayed with that limit for quite a while.

I did have one medical emergency arise that I paid for with the credit card, but I'm sure if I had not had the credit card I would have been even more motivated and bargained harder with the hospital for a lower bill because to me, my credit card wasn't real money. It was an imaginary cushion of money that I could pay back sometime in the future for a small fee.

The flip side of imaginary fear that kept me tied to the credit card is imaginary optimism, or imaginary wealth that's not really there either because I have to pay the piper sooner or later.

I didn't experience reality in either sphere.

But, still I hung on to my credit card.

I read about a woman who froze her credit card in a glass of water to prevent herself from using it except in an extreme emergency, so following that example, I sealed my credit card in an envelope and dated it.

How long could I go without it?

Quite a while.

The months ticked by. One at a time I converted all my online accounts to be paid with my atm/debit/check card with a major credit card logo in the corner. When my regular credit card was completely free and paid off and remained that way for several months I called the credit card company.

"I want to cancel my credit card," I said.

"But sir, we have excellent bonus points if you do thus and such, and we give you five percent back if you buy all your gas using our card, etc., etc., etc."

The more he talked the more convinced I became that I was doing the right thing by canceling the account. All of his words seemed liked metaphorical snares hiding under leaves in the forest.

"Thank you," I said, but I really want to cancel it."

"Let me transfer you to someone who can take care of that for you," he replied.

I was passed on to what sounded like a kindly, grandmother. She reviewed my record and in an apple pie, yet also concerned tone she said I had been an excellent member, and that they would hate to see me go, and did I realize all the benefits I would be missing out on, and she efficiently and calmly explained them all.

I responded to her in an equally pleasant manner that this was my last credit card, and that I wanted to be free, to never be in credit card debt again.

"Don't you think you should keep at least one back up card for emergencies?" she said in a scolding yet sympathetic manner.

"But," I stammered like Little Red Riding Hood facing the kindly wolf, "though I know there is truth to what you're saying, the fact of the matter is I use it to buy things I don't really need or want and can't afford. It's always a temptation. And it makes me a bad bargainer, a less resourceful person than when I'm dealing with real money, my money, because it gives me a false sense of wealth, perhaps undeserved. And I'm hearing stories about complicated spiraling interest rates if I miss a payment, so I'm sorry, but my credit card scares me a little."

"We'll cancel the account," she said abruptly and hung up.

No goodbye.

And now I'm free.


Best College Student Credit Card

Being a college student, your needs change. In fact, you will be facing the 'big' world. One thing you should learn is how to manage your financial concerns. With regards to finances, some college students like you prefer to bring cards instead of cash. However, there are still cash brought to pay for transportation and other small things. Bringing card can free you from the wraths of robbers and other criminals. The card referred is credit card. As a college student, you should learn the nature of credit cards and the ways in choosing the best college student credit card.

To select the best credit card, you need to assess your needs first. After that, weigh them and if possible pick only those primary needs and important ones. The basic things you should learn regarding credit cards and credit card companies are the following: the annual fee (choose the one with lesser annual fee or no fee at all), minimum income (choose no minimum income required). Requirements (go for less requirements asked), and rewards program (get the one with excellent rewards program). Other considerations will just rely on you as an applicant. It is still your choice as to what company will you get your credit card.

Go with the flow in such a way that you will still have a direction. Get only the best college student credit card. Plus, remember how to use it wisely. If it is improperly used, aside from having direction you might get lost along the way.