Don't Wait - Dump Your Credit Card Machine Now

Retailers, restaurants and nightclub owners unload your credit card machines and watch your profits soar!

In Canada cash has recently been replaced as the favorite form of retail payment. Studies predict that soon the United States will follow this trend and their customers will be using DEBIT/ATM cards more than any other form of retail payment.

With the coming credit crunch, the credit card companies are lowering the credit limits of their card holders. Many customers will be changing their retail purchasing habits from credit cards to debit/ATM cards that look identical. There are currently 300,000.000 debit cardholders in the US and for 80,000,000 these cards are the only cards have. An additional 160,000,000 new debit cards are expected to be issue each year.

Many retailers fail to take into account that when they process debit/ATM cards with their credit card machines, they are charged not only their regulars charges but an extra flat fee, fifty cents or more, for processing these virtually risk free cards. On small ticket sales these extra charges can amount to a significantly higher percentage of the profits and on some items even result in losses on some transactions.

To counteract this trend many national chains and thousands of independent operators have been quietly changing over to a new way to process all of their cards. One that not only eliminate charges but actually make money on every transaction. In Canada these new system are becoming the rule rather than the exception for most small ticket retailers.

Cashless ATM systems allow merchants to process these cards at no cost to their business, allowing them to keep prices low. As debit cards become increasingly popular this will represent a competitive advantage over competitors who will give an ever increasing percentage of their profit margins to the credit card companies.

In addition to these substantial savings a cashless ATM's allow the merchant to capture a surcharge or service fee on each transaction. According to a study by AT&T Global the average ATM in the United States show a profit of a little over twenty thousand dollars a year.

There are now several manufacturers producing cashless ATM systems that were designed with the need of the modern retail operation in mind. The capital investment is much smaller than those of the big cash machines and they do not require the added expense of a dedicated phone line.

The currant credit crunch will have long reaching effects on the retail business model and the merchants that find the most cost effective solutions to these new trends will prosper where others fail.