Will You Be Transferring Your Credit Card Balance After Christmas?

With Christmas just around the corner many people have already started purchasing their Christmas gifts and items, and despite the global credit crunch and the difficult financial climate many people have indicated that they will still be spending around the same amount that they did last year on Christmas.

Much of the spending that will take place in the run up to Christmas is likely to be on existing credit cards, as consumers will find it very difficult to get any other finance in the current financial climate and many do not have savings to throw at Christmas this year given the increase in living costs and bills. In fact, officials from the Association for Payment Clearing Services (APACS) estimate that around eleven billions will be spent on credit cards in the run up to Christmas.

If you have a credit card that charges high rates of interest but you find that using your credit card is your only option at present, then it is worth considering the fact that by transferring your balance to a 0% balance transfer credit card once the festive season is over could prove very lucrative, as it could save you a fortune in interest, making Christmas far more affordable.

For those of you that do decide to take this option there are a couple of things that you need to bear in mind. Firstly, recent reports have shown that the number of 0% balance transfer deals has been falling, and this makes it more important to do your research as early as possible and to compare credit cards and apply for your card early on to avoid disappointment.

Another thing to remember is that you should use the new credit card for balance transfers only and not to make purchases. One industry official has advised: "It's a good idea to be prepared for January by taking out a good credit card deal. But don't use it for purchases because your payments will always go towards the cheapest debt first. Though some cards with 0% deals extend them to purchases, this is usually only for the first few months."


Credit Card Help at Christmas

It will be no surprise that the majority of the families within the United Kingdom are having to plan a "cut back" Christmas this year. There will be less presents for most children, a smaller "spread" on the after dinner Christmas buffet and a little bit of a tighter budget on the office secret Santa. However this doesn't mean that Christmas has to be all depressing, as well as having to make things go a little further there is plenty of help on offer.

More people will be groping for the credit cards this year than previously, but there is certainly no shame in that. If you are needing a bit of a boost or having to rely on credit to make your Christmas you can certainly use it to your advantage and get the best out of the deals out there.

You certainly need to be careful however. There are plenty of deals out there that are either simply not worth it or have a hidden nasty surprise in the small print. A perfect example is a card currently on offer from a very popular shop that operates from a catalogue and a store room. The offer is that you can spend anything up to £500 in the store and only that store with the card. This stops you from racking up credit debt with a list of companies, yet you get the huge range of products to choose from the catalogue.

However, there is a catch. While you have a long time to pay the money back, and you can start from five pound a month, the interest rate is an eye watering 222.7%! You will be paying an obscene amount of money back for your trouble. You can quite easily get a 0% interest card from another lender that you can spend at this store and whichever others you want.

If you feel confident you're savvy with your plastic, you should not rule out a credit card Christmas. If you're confident you can make the monthly repayments, taking out one of the six month 0% interest cards you can literally borrow for nothing. As unfortunate as it is, these credit companies make their money off the people who can't, so if you can, go for it!


0 Interest Credit Card Applications - Unlock Superior Savings

It is true that the best things in life are free. But in the modern age, are there still things that are free? Practically every product and every service available in the market today has to be paid for. Gone are the days when people just gave things without expecting anything in exchange. Although there are still few people engaged in charities, sadly almost everyone now is more concerned with making a profit.

But incredibly, this is not entirely the case with credit cards. Even though we know that companies issuing these cards aim to make profits more than anything else, we also know that part of their mission whether, consciously or unconsciously stated, is to make the lives of people more convenient. In fact, many rewards, incentives and beneficial schemes come free from these cards.

One of the most common offerings is the zero interest credit card applications. This kind of cards works like the regular credit cards, you borrow credit and then make monthly repayments. The difference though is that interest free cards, as the name implies, do not come with any interest charges.

It sounds like a perfect deal, right? However, it is important to keep in mind that what most companies offer are only for a limited period as a means to attract new customers. Of course, this does not mean to say that we cannot make big savings out of this scheme.

Here are the several tips on how to get the most from your interest free credit card application:

1. Establish a good credit report so your application can be approved more easily.

2. Submit a 0 credit card application to a reputable company. It is only by shopping around and comparing the deals offered that you will be able to see which one is the best deal.

3. Know how long the introductory period and how much the regular interest rate is. Most introductory periods last from 12 to 15 months depending on the discretion of the company.

4. Know about the different types of 0 interest credit cards. You have to know the specific charges that qualify as free of interest. Other companies have the zero interest on balance transfers; some put it on new purchases.

5. Read and study the terms and conditions carefully especially the section that gives details about fees, costs and penalty policies. Be sure you also do not miss the fine print. Do not hesitate to ask questions if there is anything unclear or vague about the terms.

6. Be careful about repayments. Companies issuing regular cards are often more tolerant when it comes to late payments. However, those that offer 0 introductory rates are stricter and may cancel the introductory period if you miss your deadline.

Interest free credit cards are truly an excellent way to unlock superior savings. With proper precautions and responsible use, these can offer a huge financial relief that will enable you to save a lot of money since the interests you pay for can in fact be additional money in your pocket.


Credit Card Debt Consolidation - Eliminate Credit Card Debt Easily

Is there any way to get rid of credit card debt easily? Certainly there are more than one way and is depend on you in most of the cases to do the right moves for getting your finance back in line, these are easy to apply tips for starting getting out of debt today.

Firstly, you need to make a commitment, there is no way of getting out of debt if you keep your current spending habits, it is a fact that the way you manage your finance is not the right one, then it is important you stop using your credit cards, or start using them just for the absolutely needed, the difference between buying what you want against buying what you really need is what will make you debt free sooner than later.

Secondly, it is the credit card with the highest interest rate that you should be focused on, start paying off that one, it is important to pay the minimum plus any additional amount you can afford, you can the pay the minimum on the other cards, but when you pay off the total due amount in the highest interest rate credit card you should start with the next expensive card doing the same, this is know as the snowball method.

Thirdly, if you have the chance of getting a Zero APR balance transfer credit card, do it and transfer your highest interest rates credit cards into the new one, after a year you have the option of getting a new zero interest rate credit card and do the same again, this in order to avoid interest rate after the year on the O% APR cards.

Last, set a budget and if your finance is at the point where you need assistance, get specialized advise from a seasoned debt advisor, programs like credit card debt settlement or credit card debt consolidation could be your better chance.


Get a Credit Card - For the Right Reasons!

The easy answer to this question is to simply fill out an application. According to some surveys about 8.5 billion applications will be sent to consumers by mail this year alone. Before you apply for a card it will be wise to consider your primary purpose for having a credit card. Take the time to assess your needs before you fill out the application.

The need for a credit card will vary for the individual. If you need to have a source for immediate credit then a card will serve you well. Credit cards are taken at virtually all major retailers. Credit cards can be used to pay your monthly bills. Credit cards are also a source for cash advances. Credit cards for airline travel, hotels and gasoline are also issued by many credit card companies.

When you have decided on the purpose for your card, start to shop. As mentioned you will probably have multiple applications come via the U S mail. There are many websites that offer credit cards. Your local bank will also have many offers. Almost all major retailers offer cards for their establishment only. If you use a specific retailer on a regular basis you may want to consider having one of their cards.

Shop for the best rate. Credit card issuers call this the APR or percentage rate that you will be charged for balances not paid when the grace period expires. 0% interest is the best but if you are not able to get that rate, shop for the lowest one offered.

Determining your need for a credit card is the primary goal in this pursuit. If you have determined the specific reason for your credit card then you will alleviate many problems that may arise. The application process is faster and safer on your computer. Many issuers will approve your application in 60 seconds. Apply for a card that best fits your needs. Compare these offers.


A Few Practical Tips to Pay Off Those Credit Cards

The economy is in bad shape right now. Many Americans are suffering financially. It can be hard to get out of debt. Credit card debt is especially hard to get out of. Here are a few practical tips to pay off your credit cards:

• Pay for every purchase in cash-you can pay off your credit cards faster if you do not charge them anymore. Paying in cash helps you avoid interest fees and allows you to better budget your money. When you use cash, you are seeing exactly how much you are spending so you are thriftier with your money.

• Pay more than your minimum payment-if you just pay your minimum payment every month then you will never pay off your credit cards. There are interest frees and finance fees every month so half or more of your minimum payment goes towards paying for those fees. You should pay as much as you can to each card. You should start with the card with the lowest credit limit. If you can pay it off then you will feel better and your credit rating will improve.

• Look at your finance statements-make a spreadsheet of your credit limits, current balances, finance charges, interest rates, and minimum payments. You should examine which cards cost you the most money per month and make an extra payment to them in the middle of the billing cycle. This will lower your outstanding balance and can help lower your monthly minimum payment.

• Try to re-negotiate your interest rates-contact your credit card companies and try to get lower interest rates. This can help you save money and pay off your credit cards faster. If you cannot get a better rate, try applying for a rate credit card with a lower interest rate and transferring some of the balances from your credit cards with the highest interest rates.

• Take on a holiday job or a weekend part time job-try earning extra money to put towards paying off your credit card. You could even have a yard sale or sell some of your old items on eBay to help make some money to pay off your credit card debts.

Paying off your credit cards will help you have a better credit rating. It is important to have a good credit rating because it helps you purchase things like cars and homes when you can afford them.

A good credit rating gives you better interest rates on loans and credit cards and can be very helpful. Hopefully, these tips will help you pay off your credit cards faster.


Credit Cards and the Holidays - How to Get Through Debt Free

The holidays are coming up, and that means big spending and high credit card debt for many Americans. If you want to enjoy the season, but are worried about paying for it all, here's some good news: you can get through December and be debt free. With a little planning, you can avoid high credit card bills in January. Here's how:

Make a List

Most of the overspending during the holiday season takes place when consumers hit the stores without a plan. So before you head out, write down what you need to buy. Also estimate how much each item will cost. Then decide whether you'll pay cash or use a credit card for your purchases. By having a plan, you'll be more likely to stick to your budget.

Use a Low Interest Rate Credit Card

Many consumers use a credit card to pay for some of their gifts and holiday d├ęcor. If you plan to use one, look through the cards that you already have. Check the interest rates on each credit card. Pick the one with the lowest interest rate for your shopping. If you're unable to pay off the balance right away, you'll save money in interest during the next months.

Consider Applying for a New Credit Card

If you don't have a credit card with a low interest rate, you might consider applying for a new one. Many credit cards come with an initial interest-free period. The 0% APR usually lasts for six to twelve months. You can make this feature work to your advantage. Use the card for your holiday shopping, and then set up a plan to pay off the balance during the interest-free timeframe.

Avoid Store Credit Cards

During the holiday season, many stores offer deals when you sign up for a new card. While this may seem like a good offer, you'll want to check the details before filling out an application. Store credit cards often include a high interest rate, and you could end up spending more in fees than you initially save. A smarter plan might be to pay with the credit card you have already picked out to use for your holiday purchases.

Plan for Next Year

The holidays only come once a year, but it's never too early to start planning for them. After this season ends, start thinking about next year and create a plan. You may want to set aside money each month in a special holiday fund. Another option would be to start shopping for gifts earlier in the year. If you spread out the costs over a few months, the holidays won't take such a hit on your budget.

Even if you've struggled with holiday credit card debt in the past, you can get through this season without racking up high balances. Start with a plan before you head out to the stores. If you do use a credit card, make sure you know how much you're spending and how you will pay it back. Avoid impulsive splurges, and you'll get through the holidays easily. Then you can start planning for next year. When December rolls around again, you'll be prepared.


Free Credit Card


A free Credit Card is issued to such a customer who has an excellent credit history. It is given to the residents of the USA. In this the customer is required to fill up a form either through an agent of the card issuing company or online.

A Free credit card actually signifies it does not charge any annual charges. The cards generally flash this point to make their cards more attractive.

Eligibility criteria

It is given to only those people who have a formidable rating.

Facilities offered by the Free Credit Card

In addition to non payment of the annual fees the customer is entitled to get low interest rate, transfer of balance with no additional charges and many more.

The offer also offers 0% introductory APR (Annual Percentage Rate) to them as a special feature of the card. It is generally mentioned in the terms and conditions of the credit card that this APR will not be taken for a limited period only and after that thin fee will be charged to the holder.

The customers having a bad credit card rating or history can also access to these cards but have to compensate it with small amount of fees. But this naturally helps the customer to rebuild credit and avail all the perks associated with the card.

Credit card works best for the small business enterprises. The small entrepreneurs are always short of money to start or run their businesses. In such cases card issuing companies offer free business credit cards to these needy small entrepreneurs. It come as a boon to them as they don't have to pay for the annual fees. Along with this the APR are also low but are only introductory in nature.


Free Credit Card generally charge all the other charges like purchase fee and monthly fee and are re-loadable in nature. These cards can be availed from retail shops and is accepted almost everywhere including the ATMs. This is normally offered through the Mastercard brand.


Why Do We Love Our Credit Cards?

The love for our credit cards didn't start early. I remember in college, whenever my friends and I would hang out, they'd throw down their plastic to pay for everything. But after the fun was over, I'd hear horror stories of increasing balances. (My friends may still be paying for the drinks they bought me.)

This behavior of many people has driven them to denounce the existence of plastic money. Dave Ramsey, a financial guru in many eyes, believes there is no advantage to their use. He thinks:

1. They destroy your budget by causing you to consume more.

2. The rebates are useless.

3. If you have to, only use debit cards.

4. There is no reason to have them.

These definitive statements stop you from thinking. But if we're trying to be different, then let's think differently. Let's question.

Questions open your mind to learn.

The statements on the left turn your brain off. The questions on your right trigger you to think.

Lazy Thoughts

They destroy your budget.

The rebates are useless.

Only use debit cards.

There is no reason to have them.

Engaging Questions

Could they help me budget?

Could I utilize the rebates?

Why not use a credit card instead?

Is there a good reason to have them?

Could they help me budget?

A lot of companies allow you to break down your statements online. You'll be able to see where you are spending your money. Our American Express Blue Cash Card allows us to view the spending categories of Travel, Restaurant, Merchandise, Auto, Other Merchants, and Fees and Adjustments.

One time we were looking at our account and noticed our cell phone bill was roughly the same for the past few months. It triggered us to call the company and we dropped down to a lower plan since we were not using a lot of minutes. With relative ease, you can get a big picture of where you are spending your money and if it's time to adjust your budget.

Could I utilize the rebates?

When I was with my first company, I travelled in and out of New York on the client's dollar. I applied for an AAdvantage Credit Card and a Hilton HHonors Credit Card. For every dollar I spent on my AAdvantage card, I received one point towards free flights. Whenever I booked a Hilton hotel room with my Hilton card, I received five points per dollar towards free stays.

For our week honeymoon in Hawaii, our flight was 100% paid for by points and our hotel stay was 50% paid for by points. I still had a lot of points to last us a few years. Those points were totally free to me because I was ultimately reimbursed by the client or my company. That's a good enough reason for me to have credit cards.

Now, we use our American Express Blue Cash card. We get 5% cash back on everyday types of purchases like groceries and gas. Now, does paying for gas with my card make me drive more? No. But I'm using it to recapture dollars that I would have paid with cash otherwise.

Why not use a credit card instead?

Dave says if he has to, he only uses a debit card (i.e. for travel). I'm not sure how that feels any different, only the fact that you immediately spend your money. But now you'd have to worry about how much is in your bank account. Ever been charged an overdraft fee?

And have you ever experienced this: You want to withdraw money using your debit card. You can't find your bank ATM. Now you've just got double charged by the ATM bank and your bank for pulling out your money. To me, a debit card is fine...but a credit card can offer so much more.

Is there a good reason to have them?

I know one good reason: emergency. You may be in a situation where plastic is your only option for payment. You may not have a bank or an ATM from which you can withdraw money. There are even merchants that won't accept personal checks.

Consider having one just in case you need it. It's always better to be prepared and not need it, than need it, and not have one.

So, let's present the wild card question that would make Mr. Ramsey squirm in his chair.

Could I use it for investment purposes?

Let's say you are presented with a great deal. You have no cash on hand and you don't have enough in your bank account. Taking out a loan would take too long and there are no hard money lenders available to you.

You can use a cash advance check linked to your card. You can fill it out like a check and it can be used as funds. If you are in need for funds in a hurry, these checks are always an option.

One of my favorite things about my credit cards is that I don't have to carry a wad of cash everywhere with me. It's probably been months since I've paid cash for anything. It's convenient and I think it's safer as well. When you lose cash, or someone takes it, it's gone. But if you lose your card, which I have done, you can cancel it.

The problem people encounter with credit cards is not the card itself, it is their lack of control. Learn to control your spending. Because if you can't, it doesn't matter if it's plastic, metal, or paper...you'll squander it.

We've been using plastic for years. Don't try to beat the credit card companies. Just use them as a resource.

Key Points

1. Credit cards can be useful for budgeting.

2. Take advantage of rebates when you purchase goods and services that you would have purchased with cash otherwise.

3. Cash advance checks can be a resource for funds in an event of an emergency or when money is quickly needed.

4. A plastic card is never the problem. It's the responsibility of the spender, not the card.


How Secured Credit Card Loans Help You Financially

Anybody who has difficulties with credit knows how difficult it is getting financial help, however with bad credit loan now you can find relief that you are in search of. There are lots of lenders on market nowadays, and some that deal with the poor or bad credit. Finding right lender that will work with you as well as your credit condition is anything but hard these days. Simple search on Internet can in fact yield much in way of aid, that otherwise appeared impossible to get. The bad credit is not disease, however it is something, which is widespread nowadays. Finding somebody to aid you has become lot simpler than what you expected.

Conditions Of Credit History

While it comes to bad credit loan, and it is simple to know why the loan conditions are been dictated by situation of your credit and if you have very poor credit, then you may bet that lender will ensure that you are as negligible risk as feasible. This can be done in some different ways, most particularly by asking for a few form of security to sanction the loan. The lender will not take huge danger on you by not repaying loan, they have some form of guard against this as well as security is that guard. You can likely have much high interest rates that is attached to loan you are offered if you are having very poor credit. There are few lenders, which will give you low aggressive rates, if they make out that your credit rate is less than astral.

The most magnificent aspect of bad credit loan is you don't have to explain yourself and you don't have to explain to lender why you are having this poor credit, nor you need to give details what it you intend on accomplishing with money that you would like to borrow. You just need to give proof that you will pay it back to lender in given time, and that you will meet whatever lender sets as the conditions for loan. It means if you wish to use money to go on trip, then money is all yours to act so. If you would like to repay the past bills and combine, this is great way to start your monetary revival.

Doing It Correct

While you are applying for bad credit loan, and you will as well want to make sure that you follow all the guidelines that are laid out by lender. You may want to make sure that you make payments as it is prescribed in the contract that you have signed, and letting lender understand if you are having any problem. Giving suitable security for loan like this one is not sufficient; and you have to see that you get collateral back from lender just by repaying loan. Easy steps to improve your financial condition in a long run, as well as give you money you require now.


Should You Get a Business Credit Card?

If you have decided to make blogging a business venture, you might be considering obtaining a business credit card. There are many perks to having a business credit card, but you also need to be careful when selecting one in order to make sure you are getting the card that will serve you and your business the best.

Perks of Having a Business Credit Card

Many people are frightened by the thought of getting a business credit card. After all, credit cards have earned a bad name because many people have managed to dig themselves into a significant amount of debt. If used responsibly, however, a business credit card can provide you with all of the following perks:

Make you appear more professional to your clients because having a credit card makes you look like an established business

Provide you with a free form of advertisement since you can put your company name and logo on a business credit card

Help you keep your business expenses separate from your personal expenses, which is particularly helpful at tax time

Allow you to give cards to your employees or business partners while still being able to monitor their spending and placing separate credit limits on different cards

Make it possible for you to get a quick business loan if needed to help take your business to the next level

While using a business credit card irresponsibly can certainly lead to an overwhelming amount of debt, using it wisely can help you take your business to the next level.

Picking the Perfect Business Credit Card

There are many factors you should consider when selecting a business credit card. One of the most important factors you should consider is the interest rate. This is particularly important if you plan to use the card to help you get your business going rather than obtaining a traditional business loan from a bank. In this case, you want to find the card that will offer you the lowest interest rate possible. In fact, if you are applying for a new card, you should also look into the various introductory rates offered by business credit cards. You may be able to find one that will offer a 0% APR or a very low interest rate for the first several months.

If you don't plan on borrowing against the credit card and carrying a balance from one billing cycle to the next, the interest rate may not be your biggest concern. In this case, you should look for a card that offers attractive benefits to its cardholders, such as discounts at certain stores or insurance coverage. You might also want to consider obtaining a business credit card with a rewards program, which can actually help you make money from the credit card if you pay it off at the end of each billing cycle in order to avoid paying finance charges.