Get a Credit Card - For the Right Reasons!

The easy answer to this question is to simply fill out an application. According to some surveys about 8.5 billion applications will be sent to consumers by mail this year alone. Before you apply for a card it will be wise to consider your primary purpose for having a credit card. Take the time to assess your needs before you fill out the application.

The need for a credit card will vary for the individual. If you need to have a source for immediate credit then a card will serve you well. Credit cards are taken at virtually all major retailers. Credit cards can be used to pay your monthly bills. Credit cards are also a source for cash advances. Credit cards for airline travel, hotels and gasoline are also issued by many credit card companies.

When you have decided on the purpose for your card, start to shop. As mentioned you will probably have multiple applications come via the U S mail. There are many websites that offer credit cards. Your local bank will also have many offers. Almost all major retailers offer cards for their establishment only. If you use a specific retailer on a regular basis you may want to consider having one of their cards.

Shop for the best rate. Credit card issuers call this the APR or percentage rate that you will be charged for balances not paid when the grace period expires. 0% interest is the best but if you are not able to get that rate, shop for the lowest one offered.

Determining your need for a credit card is the primary goal in this pursuit. If you have determined the specific reason for your credit card then you will alleviate many problems that may arise. The application process is faster and safer on your computer. Many issuers will approve your application in 60 seconds. Apply for a card that best fits your needs. Compare these offers.