American Express Credit Cards - 21 Points Before Swiping The Card

American Express, popularly known as the AMEX is already an established brand in terms of the credit cards. Third most used credit cards after MasterCard and Visa all across the glob,e the AMEX credit cards indeed have some very exclusive features for their customers. Here is a list of these features in comparison to the MastrerCard and Visa.

1. It is almost a prestige symbol for the user and so even the ones who use MasterCard and Visa want to have an American Express Card for Credit.

2. Basically, both MasterCard and Visa are the modes of payment. They allow several businesses to accept the credit payments with their cards using their systems. Please note that they do not issue the credit cards on their behalf, that is based on their company. Visa & MasterCard just rely on the banks through out the world and issue their credit cards in the name of their company. This way the external agencies, that is, the banks worldwide provide the credit and charge the interest. The user's credit card bills actually go to these banks, and this has nothing to do with Visa & MasterCard.

3. On the contrary, AMEX that is the American Express have an entirely self owned set up & system. They have their own system of payment and hence, they issue the credit cards for their consumers directly. They run the whole show all by themselves, unlike Visa & MasterCard.

4. This way with an AMEX Credit Card you can be sure as to exactly who or which company has issued you the card. There is also a sheer transparency in terms of the payment systems, and everything else that you would like to or need to know.

5. Yet it is undeniable that MasterCard & Visa are the most commonly used credit cards all across the globe, including the third world countries as well. American Express is fast catching up with these numbers and is working great on expanding the networks. The other two are used in over 25 million locations worldwide. AMEX has yet not reached the third world countries.

6. While you must be a clever user with regards to selecting your credit card and the plan you enroll in to, the AMEX Credit Card comes along with several rewards. In case of Visa & MasterCard, you have to make a choice among n number of banks before getting the best suited plan for you.

7. With AMEX, as the choices are less and rather direct the deal is quite simpler. You can just long on to their website. There you shall find all that they offer and hence you can make a choice among the different types of APR that you can pay.

8. Usually people do get a credit card suiting them fine offering low interest and just great spending limit - that is enjoying indeed good credit.

9. The customers in North America & Europe can also enjoy some added advantages with their AMEX Credit Cards.

10. These credit cards are widely accepted widely in Europe as well as North America.

11. The users here can enjoy great features and are available in quite attractive looks.

12. On the list of AMEX you can avail great rates, amazing rewards, & some excellent customer services.

13. With the newly introduced credit card system of the American Express, that is called Blue, the user can avail the following additional features:

a. increased security

b. no annual fee

c. 0% APR in the initial year

14. Next, depending on the credit you use, the users can make use of an extended period of payment that too with just no interest.

15. Once the given time expires, one has to pay low fees; that means it is an apt credit card for one and all looking for that ideal deal.

16. Blue being the latest and the most talked about scheme of AMEX, is soon catching up rapidly to become one of its kind - especially with the varied features that it offers.

17. The best way of getting in touch with the ace services of the American Express, that are simply designed to cater to credit card users of all kinds, just get online.

18. Another effective means of getting through them is meeting your local provider, though online is always the preferred means.

19. Just fill in the application given online, and the ones featuring good credit would surely reap the benefits as they would be approved easily. The credit card reaches your doorstep, before you realize it.

20. Henceforth, enjoy the experience of a lifetime with speed and freedom.

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