All About Credit Cards For Pay Per Click Marketers

Pay Per Click marketing has grown to a massive industry in the past few years thanks to the efforts of Google, Yahoo, and now Microsoft. Pay per click advertising allows online marketers to put their websites in front of folks on the search engine results pages. They are charged for every click that is made on their PPC listing.

The competition in the industry has become really intense, and most fields have become highly competitive. Bidding for general terms such as "credit card" could cost you as much as $25 per click. While there are many small niches that don't require that high of cost per click to gain proper visibility on search engines, the cost are high enough to drive most newbie marketers out of business.

Top PPC marketers spend thousands of dollars ever week to bring leads to their partners and earn commissions. A few marketers market their own products and have to compete with others in the same niche. Owning the right PPC credit card can enable marketers to bid on competitive keywords with more flexibility and earn money back in the process.

PPC credit cards come in both consumer and business flavors. If you have taken time to form your own business entity (LLC, corporation), you can apply for business credit cards such as Advanta Custom card to earn rewards on every dollar spent and also receive low interest on your monthly balances. A lot of marketers don't realize their commissions (profits) on a monthly basis, which means they will need to take on debt for a little while before they are able to pay their balances in full. In those cases, it is essential to sign up for a credit card that offers 0% APR on dollars spent for a significant period of time (12-15 months). You can also use a low interest balance transfer card to transfer your PPC balances from a high interest card.

As a PPC marketer, you should also consider PPC credit cards that allow you to earn rewards and cash back on your dollars. Companies such as American Express give you up to 5% cash back on your advertising expenses, which means you are getting a portion of advertising cost back with every dollar spent. You can also go with travel cards to earn enough points to travel to pay per click conferences around the nation.

At the end of the day, PPC marketers should choose a PPC credit card that gives them the biggest bang for the buck. The ideal card comes with a low APR and low fees in addition to a rich rewards or cash back structure.