Save Hundreds of Dollars by Getting the Best Credit Card Deals

Do you always see those credit card commercials on t.v. with all those great rewards and you're thinking, "What? I don't get any of that stuff with my credit card!" It kind of leaves you with an empty feeling - doesn't it? Like you're being taken advantage of by your big credit card company; like you're missing out because other people are getting better deals. You just know you could save hundreds of dollars if you switched to one of "those" credit cards. This article is going to take a look at how you find the best credit card deals and see if it's really possible to save hundreds of dollars by getting the best credit card deal.

The best credit card deal for you, if you don't pay your credit card off every month, is a low rate or low fee card. There are several cards offered by Visa and one from American Express that have a 0% balance transfer fee. This by itself will save you hundreds of dollars. If you have a large balance riding on your credit card, don't ever switch to a new credit card that is going to charge you a transfer fee - no matter how much they tempt you with rewards and promises of money back. I guarantee you that the money they are supposedly going to give you back will not amount to the transfer fee they will charge you upfront.

If you pay your credit card off regularly, you can actually make money with several of the cash-back cards. American Express has one card that pays you 5% back at grocery stores, gas stations, and drugstores and 1.5% cash back everywhere else. Wouldn't that make you feel better? I don't know about you, but anytime I can get something back out of a big corporation, I feel much better.

Capital One also has a good credit card if you are one of those great money managers who pays their card off each month. With this card, you get 2% cash back on gas and groceries. Discover has a card that gives you 5% back up to $400 per quarter. I think it's safe to say that with these cards, you can definitely save hundreds of dollars by getting the best credit card deals.

With gas prices the way they are these days - up, then down, and then who knows - you can appreciate a gas card that you will get rewards with. Chase, PerfectCard, and MasterCard, have the best deals on these with 6% rebate on gas for the first 90 days and then 3%. They also give you 0% APR on new purchases for up to six months.

With the information in this article, it's easy for you to see that it is possible for you to save hundreds of dollars by getting the best credit card deals. These deals are easy to locate on the internet and you can soon be saving hundreds of dollars.