0 Percent Interest Credit Card Offers

0 percent credit card offers have proven to be a popular means for consumers to maintain cash flow for as long as twelve months with few consequences. Around the year 2000 and shortly after the collapse that followed the terrorist attacks of 9-11, the U.S. economy ushered in a Renaissance period of sorts in terms of credit offers. During that period of time, lucrative pre-approved 0% APR, no interest credit card loan offers were everywhere, including college campuses, stuffed in mailboxes, and everywhere online.

The major card issuers promoted credit cards with 12 month 0 APR teaser offers to attract customers. The idea was to tempt new applicants with introductory offers and ultimately turn them into long-term cardholders and spenders who carry balances forward. Eventually, this led to fierce competition among the card companies as each one introduced its own versions of the classic credit cards 12-month APR. The competition led to increases in the promotional period, causing it to grow from an initial 6 months to 12 months or longer.

Eventually, some cards even extended the zero percent balance transfer periods indefinitely, leading to what ultimately amounted to a zero percent balance transfer for life credit card offer. The only thing keeping the balance transfer tidal wave in check was the existence of balance transfer fees, usually set at the rate of three percent of the total amount transferred.

Users of credit offers with 0 percent APR on purchases should always work towards paying off the total statement balance before the end of the promotional period, as typically once the promotional period ends the card reverts to very high interest rates. After scouring all available credit card offers, you will likely find a few that are reasonably good quality. Balance transfer fees may apply, however, so it is very important to pay attention to the details of the credit offer in question.

Do enough research before your credit card application to ensure you understand the terms and conditions of the many credit cards as well as what the different providers offer. Pay close attention to all fees and charges tied to the use of the card, such as the cash advance and balance transfer fees.