How to Use a Business Credit Card

We all know what business credit card is and what its uses are and what all credit cards are available. But still we do not know how to use these business credit cards. Let's see how it all works.

It happens that we have to face certain routine payments in our daily life. With the help of a credit card we can over come these draw backs.

When you talk about travel, we require to provide a credit card number to uncertainties when booking a hotel or a flight and if the booking on line or by telephone you will have to pay for the services with a credit card. It makes easy for us and it saves our precious time. Even if we have extra money in our hands it will not give hand in time of emergency so it is better to have credit card with us mainly for emergency. This is always in the best while traveling.


How secure is the credit card system? The answer is that if you have money in your hand you may loose it or it may be stolen. But if the credit card is stolen it is simple you make a call to your credit card company and a freeze it, so that nobody can misuse it.


There is two accounts one is regular bank account and the other is merchant account. This is the account that processes your credit card which you receive.

The credit card process is an go-between between eCOMpal and dissimilar banks that work with them. The credit card process also make available the "plumbing" that will allow your customer's in order to run from eCOMpal to the store that is hosting your merchant account. It also works with the store that issues your clientele credit card to verify the account and accept or decline the transaction.

When the client checks the eCOMpal, by entering the credit card number we exchange a few words with the credit card companies process The credit card process figures out what bank issued the card and calls it electronically to ask if the credit card is alright . The issuing bank will look into the account and sends a Yes or No to the credit card processor. When it receives response the shopping cart tells the response and continues the processing.


This is all done electronically; Your merchant account now has the funds from each of your customers' purchases. Different merchant account banks work with different credit card processors.