Balance Transfer Credit Card Application - Your Savings Solution

Credit cards have become an indispensable means of conducting financial transactions in modern times. We use them to pay bills, shop for clothes, and purchase services. These cards are not only easy to carry but more importantly are very convenient to use. Just swipe them up and voila, it is practically like paying cash.

The advantages of using these cards are countless. For one, it enables you to go shop or travel without having to carry big bulks of money. It is also good financial means since most of these cards are widely accepted even internationally and you can have easy access on goods and services. Moreover, it is an effective way of keeping track of your finances because of the transaction records that it provides.

A vital thing to remember though is that using or choosing these cards is not entirely a simple process. In fact, there are many methods that revolve around credit cards that you should know about, one of which involves credit card balance transfers.

This process allows a cardholder to transfer the balance of his or her old accounts to a new credit card. Many companies nowadays offer low APR credit card application to attract customers and encourage them to sign with their company.

So what should one do before completing a balance transfer application?

Before you sign on the dotted line keep these important factors in mind...

Like a business credit card application, an application for a balance transfer requires serious thought. First, you have to ensure that you have a good payment history to be allowed to do the transfer.

Second, you should look into factors such as the APR and fees of the new card you are planning to move into so that you can be sure that you are going to get a better deal in terms of product and service. What is the point of transferring if you are moving to a more expensive card right?

In addition, it is necessary that you examine the terms and conditions with utmost care especially the fine print so that you can watch out for common pitfalls. Some companies may offer low or 0% APR balance transfer credit card application much to your delight but then it will dismay you to find out that the other costs such as annual fees are extremely high.

Furthermore, you have to see to it that the balance you are going to transfer does not go over the credit limit of the new card.

Questions to ask before moving to another credit card company:              

1. Is there an introductory interest rate available? How long is this period?

A number of companies offer low or 0% interest rates for balance transfer credit cards. This is great in the sense that it will reduce your monthly finance charges for a certain time. Most of these introductory rates last from six months to one year.

2. What is the regular APR after the introductory period is over?

This is a crucial piece of information that you should know about since the savings that you have made from enjoying a 0% or low APR introductory rate would be worthless if the normal rate were very high. You may end up spending even more.

3. How much are the balance transfer fees?

You have to ensure that there are no hidden charges. Transferring your balance to a new credit card is the first step in organizing your finances and getting a better deal. 

Keeping these three major points in mind will help you successfully choose the credit card that best suits your financial needs. Always be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions set forth in the credit card issuers disclosure statement before you apply. It is important that you fully understand interest rates, fees and billing cycles.