Free Credit Card


Free Credit Card is issued to such a customer who has an excellent credit history. It is given to the residents of USA. In this the customer is required to fill up a form either through an agent of the card issuing company or online.

Free credit card actually signifies which does not charge any annual charges. The cards generally flash this point to make their cards more attractive.

Eligibility criteria

It is given to only those people who have a formidable rating.

Facilities offered by the Free Credit Card

In addition to non payment of the annual fees the customer is entitled to get low interest rate, transfer of balance with no additional charges and many more.

The offer also offers 0% introductory APR (Annual Percentage Rate) to them as a special feature of the card. It is generally mentioned in the terms and conditions of the credit card that this APR will not be taken for a limited period only and after that thin fee will be charged to the holder.

The customers having a bad credit card rating or history can also access to these cards but have to compensate it with small amount of fees. But this naturally helps the customer to rebuild credit and avail all the perks associated with the card.

Credit card works best for the small business enterprises. The small entrepreneurs are always short of money to start or run their businesses. In such cases card issuing companies offer free business credit cards to these needy small entrepreneurs. It come as a boon to them as they don't have to pay for the annual fees. Along with this the APR are also low but are only introductory in nature.


Free Credit Card generally charge all the other charges like purchase fee and monthly fee and are re-loadable in nature. These cards can be availed from retail shops and is accepted almost everywhere including the ATMs. This is normally offered through the Mastercard brand.