Credit Card Comparisons - 6 Tips to Avoid Being Stuck With a Bad Credit Card

Don't you just hate it when you think you've found something great, only to find out later that it's a real dud or you've been taken advantage of? It happens all too often in the credit card industry and that's exactly why you need to know how to make good credit card comparisons. Here are six tips to help you make the best comparisons so you don't get that sick feeling deep in the pit of your stomach.

  1. Look online - There's so much competition in the credit card industry that there is no shortage of sites that help you with your credit card comparisons. They list their rates and fees so you can check out their offer.
  2. Check those balance transfer fees - There are just too many credit cards today to choose one that will charge you to transfer your balance. Never pay a balance transfer fee. After all, it's in their best interest for you to have a balance to transfer isn't it? They're going to make money off of the interest they charge you, so make sure you don't pay them extra for this.
  3. Choose the lowest interest rate, but be sure to check how long that interest rate is good for. It won't do you much good if it is only for 3 months after opening the account. Many companies offer a low introductory interest rate for an entire year.
  4. Look for interest free offers - If you can't pay off your credit card balance each and every month, you need to search high and low for one of these cards. This will save you a great deal of money over the long haul.
  5. Check out the rewards offered but make sure if you choose a rewards card the rewards are ones that you will actually use.
  6. Don't choose rewards over a lower interest rate. It will benefit you much more to get the low interest rate.

Now that you see the importance of making good credit card comparisons, you will see getting a card in a new light. Use this information to your advantage and don't let the credit card companies take advantage of you.