How Many People Do You Know That Can Buy a House Or Expensive Car Using a Credit Card?


Do you want my Social Security Number?

Although I would not suggest you doing so, but I just want to share with you the power of possibilities/CREDIT. It is amazing that in this world where and when most people are suffering from bad credit or high credit card debt just because they could not stop yanking credit cards out of valets when they go shopping, there are some people among us that are not making million of dollars yet are able to use credit cards to buy expensive cars or houses. Let's look at this in more detail.

Although it is uncommon to use a credit card to purchase a car, but what I am trying to show you is the power of credit. Let's see:

1. To buy a car using credit card, requires high credit limit. Especially when it comes to expensive cars

2. To have such a high credit requires continuous discipline. It means:

a. acting responsible- paying bill on time every time;

b. requires a length of time;

c. brings the lenders' long-term respect.

d. And power of understanding on how to deal with lenders.

3. Now if you have such a high credit, it will teach you how to even have low interest card.

Let me give you an example. Some one offered me a Porsche Cayenne at a reasonable price. I did not have cash at hand, and if I was going to get a loan from a bank for this car, I would have received a loan at a rate of 5.55% to 6.00%. But I did not need to use any bank loan, because I had a chase card that was offering me an interest rate of 0.99% for a year or two. That was enough time frame for me to get the car using my credit limit on the card and pay +$30,000.00. NO I am not going to tell you the actual price (but over $30K).

However, before made this purchase, I used a similar technique and purchased a house (an investment property at a rate of 4.9%)

How many of you out there can do this without coughing up a lot of money?

You see, although I am not trying to brag about my deals (as I have been suffering other down turns in life - thanks to a great wife and two so-called best friends of the past), but having good credit opens up a lot of doors unexpectedly.

The families that were ready to sell their home or car to me knew that I am a capable person (even with an empty pocket-no money). Although most to all of my money was spent without my control and while I was away (read about it in my book called When I-RAN-out to public in 4 months), but I had one ability after I returned. How to return my credit score that used to be at 798 and went to 440 back to 830 in a matter of short time. It is called knowledge. As I repeatedly say in my articles, "Knowledge is wealth" here we go. I am a living proof. Knowing what to do, allowed me to turn my credit life around that has been helping me to bring back new money to the table after going from rich house to a poor house in my absence and (thanks to my closest confidants).

If someone needs to see proof, please feel free to ask me. I will even give you my Social Security Number and want to see how much damage can you do to me. I bet none.

What is the moral of the story?

Please write to me and tell me what is in your mind.


Mike Samadi

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