Benefit of Gas Station Credit Cards

If you are a constant traveler and you love driving your car and being on the road, then you should really consider getting a gas station credit card. Gas is a necessity for frequent cross country travelers and in order to outweigh the drastic effect of continuous increase in gas prices, road travelers should avail of gas credit cards.

Gas credit cards allow its card holders to save some money for every fuel fill. Usually, these cards allow the card holder to have 3% or 5% cash back for their fuel expenses. Moreover, each time you purchase gas, you will also earn reward points which you can then present to gas stations in exchange for incentives, discounts, and more. If you reach a certain "quota" provided by the credit card company, you can even request for your rebate in the form of cash checks.

Getting yourself your very own gas credit card will not only allow you to save some money through rebates and discounts. It can also help you keep track of your gas expenses. Such can be highly important for someone who is in a tight budget, and for businesses that needs to manage their business expenses tightly. Gas station credit cards are also perfect in times of emergencies when you are traveling far from home and then you suddenly find yourself at the brink of temporary bankruptcy. Having a gas credit card in your pocket will provide with the security that you need if you are always on the road.

The Benefits of having the top Gas credit cards

Discover Open Road

This gas credit card pays its cardholders 5% rebate out of their total gas expenses. In addition to gas cash rebates, the user will also receive 5% cash backs from automotive expenditures and 1% on all the other purchases that is made using the card. If you are a frequent purchaser of automotive parts, then this card is right for you.

Chase BP Visa® Card

This card provides a 5% rebate for your expenses on BP gas, 2% on restaurant and travel expenses ( flight expenses, hotel accommodations, car rentals, and more), and 1% on general purchases. Moreover, if you avail of the special limited offer of this card, you can get your rewards at twice the rate for the first two months of card use.

Chase Freedom(SM) Credit Card

This gas credit card offers its cardholders with 3% cash back on gas, utility, and restaurant expenses. In addition to that, you will get 1% back from your other expenses made through the card. Moreover, if you apply for this card during its promo period, you can get $50 off on your second purchase.