Finding Student Bank Credit Cards

A question that comes up a lot between students and credit cards is what banks offer credit cards. Many new card appliers don't realize that over 15,000 institutions offer credit cards. The bank doesn't necessarily have to be big in order to get a card. A big myth is that you'll only get good perks with a major bank.

How do I find the right bank?

With so many banks in the world, it's hard to find the right card. If you're serious about finding one, you'll use the internet to your advantage. So, I only have one word for you and that's research. You'll want to know what you want kind of rewards you want, what kind of rate you want, as well as what kind of fees you're willing to pay. Most of the time, you'll be able to find a card without fees but some cards with great rewards will require you to pay fees.

Are all the banks the same?

While most credit cards work the same way, the rewards and fees are going to be completely different. Let's think of a grocery store. When you go and get your groceries, are all the stores the same? No because they offer different prices, their policies are different, and the customer service is different as well. Think of this grocery store scenario as your bank.

My word of advice to you is to look at who you bank with right now. The chances of them having a credit card are actually pretty great. If you're happy with who you bank with now, I would suggest you stop into a bank to ask them about the deals they have for students. Sometimes, you may find that you can sign up for a card and even get a type of bonus. This will all depend on the bank. As long as you do your research and take your time in finding a card, you'll find the perfect bank.