Getting the Best 0 Interest Credit Cards

I never had a credit card in my life before this year. I was around for the credit card revolution back in the early to late 80's but I was about 18 back then. I don't know how I did it but I ruined my credit a few months after my birthday. It wasn't too bad, but enough that I was turned down for a credit card I applied for and never tried again. I consider myself lucky because had I gotten one I would probably be in the same debt as all my friends are in today. That's until I discovered 0 interest credit cards.

All of my friends say if they had it to do over again they wouldn't have gotten a card until they were 30. They say that that's when they started to realize that using a credit card takes certain kind of discipline and awareness to use and not be caught up in the whole debt thing. By using only 0 interest credit cards I avoid this debt trap completely.

Today I can get as many credit cards as I want, as my credit is actually almost triple A and I haven't done anything to ruin it. Actually I've done everything to keep it good! One thing I learned or rather figured out before getting my first credit card was that there are a lot of 0 interest credit cards out there trying to seduce you in with a 6 month interest free introductory offer. The beauty of this is that you can get the card and use it interest free for that time. Once the time is up you simply transfer the money to a new card with the same offer (or even more time!) and you never end up paying interest on the card! This way I'm getting credit, and not paying a penny more than I actually spend! I never fall into deep debt because the interest isn't there. It doesn't exist.

Most of my friends, in calculating their debt, say that it wasn't the money they borrowed that got them, it was all the interest that compounded over the years. I tell people I meet about this nice little trick and people are amazed that I thought of it. The truth, however, is that I didn't come up with the idea; I saw it on this site when I was looking for a credit card to get. The site had a service attached to a resource site of practically all the 0 interest credit cards that exist, so it both saved me money and also the headache of trying to find them. And they email me when the promotion expires (before it does so I can transfer the balance to a new card!). They even offer a free transfer service so I can transfer my balance in one swoop!