Getting the Best 0 APR Credit Card Offers

With the economy being what it is these days we are all faced with having to find new and innovative ways to maintain our current comfort levels while integrating a way to save money on the things we spend money on. Many have not stopped buying fuel but instead use tricks to make the most of their gas mileage such as coasting on off ramps from the freeway or being very careful to ease into the 'take off' from stop signs and lights instead of 'jack rabbit' starts. One variant of this is the trick of finding the best 0 APR credit card offers.

One area I think many people don't really think of when it comes to saving money or even the area that is sucking the most money out of your wallet like a vacuum cleaner is the credit cards. We think of credit cards as the funding source of getting things we want now or even the way people are affording all that extra gas that their check won't supplement due to the gas hikes. What's baffling however is that people think they are maintaining their status quo but the interest rates on the credit card is putting them deeper into debt, not saving them. The solution is to make sure we are getting the best 0 APR credit card offers.

There is a way however to reverse this effect and it doesn't take much work at all on your part. It is so easy and actually pretty obvious if you think about it, but because many people are used to thinking in another way it is not often thought of at any length. The trick is to use 0 APR credit card offers. I know what your thinking, those 0 APR credit card offers are just temporary then they jack up the interest rate after 6 months or a year when you've completely forgotten your rate is going to change, but I've got that covered too.

You see all you have to do is realize that there are literally hundreds of banks trying to grab your business with one credit card or another. Those banks, yes, are hoping you slip up after the 6 month promotion and if you do the entire balance that you've most likely barely chipped away at paying off become subject to that high interest rate and the company loses nothing, but you lose plenty.

So how do you get around this? Simple, just use the card till just before the 'grace' period is over then transfer the balance to another zero interest introductory rate with 6 months or more before it hikes up. This way you end up paying zero interest. You maintain it by perpetually keeping this up. Now to make sure you don't forget you sign up for a free service that not only reminds you in email which can also be sent to your cell phone, but it also does all the homework of finding all those nifty 0 APR credit cards and bunches them up on one site! Where do you find such an incredible service that doesn't cost you a dime to use? You Google 'automated credit card balance transfers' and you should see it. Good Luck!